Members of Gusher United,

As we approach the end of the current season and start looking ahead to the 2014/15 season we always look to evaluate every aspect within the club and find ways to improve the program.  The last 24 months have been extremely successful with the Gusher United program - we have more than doubled the amount of teams and created a quality coaching staff that are focused on the development of all of the individuals and teams

Recently we were presented with the opportunity to become a part of Liverpool FC America, the official US partner of  the Liverpool FC International Academy After presentations to myself as the DOC and to the board, we have decided that this is a tremendous opportunity for all of our players.  As result the Gusher United teams including all Academy (U8-U10) and Select (U11-U18) will represent Liverpool FC America starting in the Fall of 2014.

To be partnered with one of the most successful English Premier Soccer Clubs in the world is a wonderful opportunity for all the players in the area.   Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you all to the new structures, programs and camps so that you will understand the benefits to all of our players.  I will be remaining as the Director of Coaching for South Texas Eastern Region.

At 12:00pm, Sunday, April 27th you are all invited to the official announcement of Liverpool FC America.  It will be held at The Holiday Inn - 3950 Walden Rd, Beaumont, TX.  Liverpool FC America will be holding a presentation to explain all of the great changes that will be coming to Beaumont.  We will be fortunate enough to have the following members attend the presentation: Peter Brody (CEO), Nancy Lane (Dir. Communications), Jimmy Melia (Former Liverpool Player and current International Technical Director, please google), Tom Blenco (Director of South Texas), Adam Flynn (Director of Liverpool FC International Academy)

I look forward to talking with you over the coming week about this amazing opportunity.  Feel free to reach out to me and to the staff if you have questions -


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